Wedding hire service

When putting together a wedding everyone relies on everyone else and each link in the chain most probably believe that they are responsible for the end result.

Weddings are emotional occasions and we all have the same goals – to make the big day perfect.

It struck me that the strangest relationship is often between wedding venue and wedding decoration/planner or whatever we choose to call ourselves.  Both parties have the same objectives but seldom do they work together.

If the wedding decorator delivers a whole bunch of stuff which looks shoddy or doesn’t fit then the guest will think it is the venues fault.  Unless you have been involved in arranging a wedding then where all of the décor comes from is often a mystery.

Bottom line is that we do it to make a living – if we don’t then we are either kidding ourselves or bonkers.  We are not nursers or surgeons or solders – we make rooms look like and spread our bit of sparkle.  Of course we are dedicated, we are not ruthless profiteers (well most of us aren’t).

Wedding Sparkle goes to a lot of effort to make sure that we done’t disappoint anyone – customer or venue.  And we do a good job  – we know this because very single customer gets a questionnaire – we have never had below a “delighted” .  Have a look at our testimonials page.

How do we achieve this: –

  • We invite customers to our workshop and design the table centrepiece together, we take the time in understanding what they want and don’t just offer something that is off the shelf.
  • We ensure they know exactly what the are spending by providing them with quotes, invoices and regular statements
  • We give them options to pay from cash to credit card
  • We check with the venue for rules on naked flame and sweetie tables (some venues are starting to charge a premium for cleaning)
  • We confirm times with the customer and then speak with the venue to make sure everyone agrees!

Before we leave for the venue

  • We check with the venue when we can deliver and pick up
  • We make sure that our chair covers fit
  • We make sure that chair covers are freshly laundered and pressed
  • We polish all glassware
  • We check for cracks

At the venue

  • We make sure are staff are easily identified and are presentable
  • We ensure everyone works quickly and quietly
  • We ensure everyone knows what they are doing
  • We ensure that we work with a smile

After the event

  • We check that everyone is happy
  • We collect everything at the agreed time
  • We make sure it is all cleaned before we put it away

We have found the best approach is to work more closely with the venues and are now actively seeking partnerships with venues around Yorkshire.  This allows the venue to offer our product and guarantee a level of service that everyone is happy with .  We have four already and are working on number 5 as I write this

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