Summer Indian Wedding decoration

Our biggest day

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  • 650 chair covers
  • 325 Red sashes
  • 325 Peach sashes
  • 55 mirror plates
  • 55 table cloths
  • 55 table swags
  • 55 Crystal Eifel tower table decorations
  • 1 srarlight curtain
  • Brides and bridesmaids bouquets
  • Top table flowers
  • Venue Apna Centre Huddersfield
  • Date July 2012
  • 5 months of preparation, 12 people, 2 vans and half a day to set it all up and take it all back down again

We have done Indian weddings before, in fact our very first Wedding Sparkle wedding for an Indian couple, but nowhere near to this scale.

Most Yorkshire weddings are for around 100 guests – which equates to about 10 tables.  We can and have done 3 in a day without any problem.

The weekend of our big Indian wedding we had 2 weddings, the first for a civil partnership with 200 guests at DoubleTree, Leeds on the Saturday and our big Sikh wedding at the Apna venue in Huddersfield on the Sunday.

This weekend needed much careful planning, a strong team and lots of hard work.

Planning is a wonderful thing and stock was sourced and ordered from far and wide allowing sufficient time for shipping and customs and all that bureaucratic stuff.

Everything went to plan and everything was delivered into our workshop in plenty time – and my god was it heavy and huge! Lots of heavy boxes

Until you see it you really can’t visualise what a pallet of chair covers looks like.  Luckily the lift decided to work that day and with much huffing and puffing we got it to the second floor.

The thing about ordering from China is that the quality if quite often much better than you expect.  The tablecloths were top grade linen, thick, weighed a ton, stiff as a board and needed ironing!  Ahhhhhh.  We could get one of them in our domestic washing machine so we called in the experts who collected, washed and conditioned them for us.  We tried running them through the rotary iron but they were too thick, we tried hanging and steaming but they were too big to hang up and so we ironed them all by hand on a giant ironing board.

Then 2 unexpected events…

1)    Our Mill owner told us on the Friday that we were getting new windows on the following Tuesday and we would have to clear out our workshop

2)    A close relative decided to have stag/hen night on the Saturday prior to the Sikh wedding – ouch

For the two weeks leading up to the wedding Sue created the table decorations and then we spent the evenings and into early Friday morning emptying the workshop.  On Friday evening we loaded the small van for the civil Partnership and large van for the big wedding.

55 table decorations

650 chair covers

We set up the civil partnership in Leeds on the Saturday morning returning in the evening to set up the sweetie table.  We then went to respective stag/hen nights and all parties were home by midnight!  The blokes perhaps a little more worse for wear than the ladies!

Up at 7 on Sunday for coffee and serial and rendezvoused at the venue at 8am.  We had a team of 12 and provided them all with Wedding Sparkle pink sashes to ensure that everyone knew who they were.  All of the chairs were stacked around the edge of the venue; the tables were only just starting to be put in place.

650 wedding chairs

650 chairs coverd

Sikh weddings are 2 part affairs, they meet for tea and cakes mid-morning and then go off to the Sikh Temple to worship and return early afternoon for the reception.  So we had to get the chairs out, seat covers on and sashed tied by 11am.

This we managed and went off for breakfast whilst the wedding celebration started.  Back in at 12 to find a load of children climbing all over our lovely clean chairs!   On with the final push, we had an hour to get the chairs in place, tables decorated and light curtain erected.  We were competing for space with both the caterers and the disco teams.  We managed it with time to spare and then went to leads to pick up from the previous days civil partnership.  The staff at Hilton DoubleTree are fabulous and an easy pick up was had by all.

The room starts to take shape

Top table and starlight curtain

We went back to Apna at 17:30 as requested and the party was in full flow.  A work with some of the caterers suggested a substantial wait …60 minutes later we were let back in and everything was packed up in less than 90 minutes. Well done team.

Party in full swing

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3 Responses to Summer Indian Wedding decoration

  1. Kate says:

    Hi it’s Kate from The Candy Affair, Brighouse. Just had to leave a big “pat on the back” message after viewing these pictures of the HUGE wedding you did!

    Hats off & keep me posted in future for any sweetie tree requests!

  2. Mandy Dosanjh says:

    Hi! This was my wedding and i must say it is the most beautiful i have ever seen this venue look since i have been to many weddings here. It’s now three years on and I still do not have the words to describe how beautiful you made my wedding party! Thank you all so much for all your efforts and wish you all the best xx

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