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Wedding Invitations Reflect the Couple, Not the Wedding

The definition of unique is that it is not common nor like another. In and of themselves, wedding invitations are unique because they are individual to the couple issuing the invitations. But in general, when we’re thinking unique wedding invitations, we’re thinking about wedding invitations that are different and that stand out from what is the norm. So, what would make your wedding invitations unique with regard to your wedding?

Unique wedding invitations may or may not include your wedding theme whether it’s an under the sea wedding, a Disney wedding or other venue wedding

Unique wedding invitations may have personal or unusual wording, sending the invitation directly from the bride and groom rather than their parents.

Unique wedding invitations may be used for second marriages or senior weddings or even the blending of two families.

For a couple electing to marry in the later years of their life after their children have grown and perhaps their previous spouses have died, their wedding invitations may be the most unique of all. Are they inviting the guests, are their children inviting the guests or are they simply sending an invitation to guests to share with them the sunset cruise they are embarking on together. The definition of unique is that it is personalised to the couple that is choosing to issue the invitation. Don’t be bound by tradition if you don’t want to be.

Sending the Wedding Invitations

Timing is everything and nowhere is that truer than when you are planning a wedding. Wedding invitations are critical to wedding planning not just for the bride and groom but also for the wedding guests. The wedding invitation itself serves a dual purpose. It’s first purpose is to announce the wedding plans of the couple sending it out. The second purpose is to provide the guests with a wedding planning tool of their own.

Wedding invitations provide the date, time and location of the wedding. It will also alert the guest to the type of apparel that may expected from the formal to the informal. A wedding invitation to a beach wedding will indicate a different type of clothing than one might wear to a formal Catholic wedding ceremony in a grand old cathedral. Because the wedding invitation provides so much information and the couple needs the RSVPs returned from the guests to confirm how many are coming – you might say the wedding invitation is the lynch pin that makes the wedding possible.

You should send out the wedding invitations no later than 12 weeks prior to the wedding. If your wedding invitations are ready, you should send them out 16 weeks prior to the wedding. 8 weeks prior to the wedding contact the guests you have not received RSVPs from. Most venues will require a final count 4 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding, so this gives you and your guests the perfect window to coordinate their schedules with your plans.

The Addressing of the Wedding Invitations

If you are inviting 200 guests to your wedding, do you have to handwrite out the addressing on every single wedding invitation that you are planning to send out? If you are, don’t do them all in one go, because the ones at the end of the stack will definitely have worse handwriting than those at the beginning. Traditionalists will insist on addressing wedding invitations by hand because it personalises the invitation even if they are custom printed.

What does it say about you if you choose to forgo handwriting the addresses on each and every envelope? Nothing. Don’t worry about it at all. Most people don’t even look at the envelope. They are far more interested in the invitation inside the envelope.

If you really want to do the addressing by hand, then be sure to set aside enough time to address only a few wedding invitations at a time to ensure the quality of the writing. If you or someone in your family is good with calligraphy, this might be a time to enlist their assistance in addressing wedding invitations.

Ordering Wedding Invitations

Ordering wedding invitations takes careful planning. You know how many people you are going to invite but you need to take into account families and couples and plus 1’s. You also need to give thought to those people that you feel that you have to invite but hope won’t attend.

Invitation checklist

  • make sure you get the names right – and make sure you get the spelling right
  • Make sure you know the names of partners
  • Check that you have the correct address
  • Check that you are putting the correct value postage on the envelope
  • if you are having custom invitations with stuck on decorations – post one to yourself and make sure it looks like it should when it has been through the Royal Mail

Wedding invitation etiquette

Wedding invitation etiquette requires that the invitation be worded as an invitation from the bride’s parents to the wedding of their daughter, her full name to the name of the groom, the son of the groom’s parents name to be held at a certain time on a certain day.

“Your RSVP is graciously requested and the envelope has been enclosed.”

Wedding invitation etiquette suggests that you include a pre-paid postage stamped envelope with the RSVP card in order to facilitate the return of the invitations in a timely manner.

The Wording of the Invitation Does Matter

Weddings are about creating the perfect opening to the next chapter in the lives of the two people joining together. The wedding invitation wording reflects how they want to begin that chapter. Think of it as the preface to the story you are creating together. Tradition is a great thing; in fact it’s more than a great thing. Tradition is a tradition for a reason – it’s like beginning a fairytale with once upon a time, you know that it will have a happy ending. But every tradition has a beginning and you and your partner are perfectly welcome to create your own tradition because this is about the two of you and your big day. So do what makes you both happy.

Traditional invitational wording : Mr. and Mrs. Parents of the Bride request the pleasure of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, bride’s first name only, to Mr. Groom’s Full Name at the place and location on the day, date and month and year at the time of day. Reception to follow at the location chosen.

Modern invitational wording: Once upon a time, a rogue stole the heart of a princess and together they are planning a journey to the most Magical Place on Earth to share their vows and commitment to each other … they would like you to join them on this escapade to find their happily ever after.

Hosted by the Couple

If the couple is hosting their own wedding, the invitation wording is as follows:

The honour of your presence is requested at the marriage of
Ms. Amy Lynn Jones
Mr. Gary Raphael Gray
Monday, the fifteenth of June
at three o’clock
Woodhead Chapel
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

Mailing wedding invitations

It’s always best to post all of your wedding invitations at the same time. Because people talk, the last thing you want is for one guest to receive an invitation two weeks before another. The person who receives her invitation last might wonder if she was invited as an after thought or because someone else couldn’t make it. Your post office is less likely to lose an invitation if they’re receive together in a group rather than bits and pieces.

Save the date

Many couples like to announce their wedding date a bit early, before sending out invitations. This is a great idea for anyone who has guests coming from long distances.

A great way to let guests know of the impending nuptials and date is to send a postcard, perhaps with a picture of the couple on it. On the postcard, try keeping it simple. A good suggestion is to simply have, “Save the Date” typed across the top of your postcard, above a picture of the couple.

The postcard can then be phrased as such: “Joe and Sue are going to be married on such and such a date.” Followed by, “Please save the date.”

A very simple postcard with the above information is a great way to send out a pre-marriage announcement to guests who may live some distance away.

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