Why have wedding insurance

Your wedding should always be your most perfect day, but sometimes things can go wrong. When planning your wedding you should always consider buying wedding insurance. Wedding insurance protects you and everything you have to buy for your wedding day.

Wedding insurance doesn’t just cover the bride and groom, it can also protect you if a close relative falls ill.

You should buy a good Wedding insurance policy as soon as you have started paying for goods and services. Not only will wedding insurance protect you if something goes wrong from your end – but also if one of your wedding suppliers lets you down or goes bust.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance offers competitively-priced Wedding Insurance you can trust. Starting at just £65.62, choose from six flexible levels of cover for weddings in the UK and abroad.

For those on a tighter budget WeddingPlan Insurance offers Wedding Insurance starting from just £18.49 and gives you a fabulous choice of 9 levels of cover.

    • Ensure that you get sufficient cover – most policies will you cover you for up to £50,000
    • Wedding insurance covers your flowers
    • Wedding insurance covers your cake
    • Wedding insurance covers your wedding dress
    • Wedding insurance covers your transport
    • Wedding insurance covers your wedding rings
    • Ensure that your wedding is Protected wherever it’s happening make sure your are covered for weddings and civil partnerships in the UK and abroad.
    • Don’t lose out if the bride, groom or a close relative falls ill ensure that your cancellation costs will be reimbursed.

For more information about John Lewis wedding insurance click here.

For more information about Weddingplan insurance click here.

How long before our wedding should we take out a Wedding Insurance policy?

You need to take out a Wedding Insurance policy as soon as you’ve paid for any part of the wedding so that the deposits you’ve paid are covered.

If the bride or groom aren’t taking out the policy themselves, must it be a close relative who does?

Wedding Insurance must be taken out by the bride, the groom or the person who is paying the main cost of the wedding, but it doesn’t have to be a close relative.

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