Choosing your wedding decorations

In recent years the wedding centre piece has become increasingly important, over 12’000 people search for inspiration online from the UK every month.

So how should you choose?

You need to have some basic information

  • What is your colour scheme?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many do you need?
  • Where are you getting married?
  • When are you getting married?
  • How formal will your wedding breakfast be?

Secondly are you adopting the DIY approach or are you getting professional help and if you are going to buy or rent?

DIY wedding centrepieces

Will it save me money?

This depends on your skills, if you know what you want and the time you have available.

Table decorations tend to be either tall and thin (like a candelabra) or squat (like a fishbowl).  This is to make life easier for your guests, wedding tables tend to be round, they seat usually between 8 and 10 people.  Your guests will want to see what is going on around your room, squat decorations allow you to see over them and tall decorations let you see around them.  Medium sized decorations tend to be head height and tend to be obtrusive.

Decide on the shape you are looking for.  Then try and source your raw materials.  Many people believe that they can buy stuff and then sell it again.  If you are lucky you can but have a look on EBay and see the hundreds of individuals and wedding companies trying to do this.  The truth is that something like a fishbowl has a very limited life – they tend to chip around the top.  Wedding decorations are also quite bulky and heavy and extremely fragile  so shipping costs can be more than the goods.

Avoid high street shops as you will pay dearly.  If you can, go to a wholesaler or take a look at online auction sites for local sellers who are happy for you to pick up. Once you have the basics decide how you will decorate them.  Flowers are a firm favourite; the next choice is real or fake flowers?  Real are of course seasonal – so you can only get what is available, artificial can be just as good as real and offer you a far wider choice.  Good ones are expensive, cheap ones look; well cheap artificial flowers look a bit rubbish.  Avoid getting your florist to do the flowers as this can be extremely expensive.

Transporting to your venue

You will not get 10 candelabras and 100 chair covers in your average hatchback.  You may need to borrow or hire a van.  You will also need to give careful thought to packing your decorations for transport, glassware breaks very easily!

Collecting from the venue

Most venues will clear down after your party, so you will find all of your stuff piled up in a corner.  If you are planning on a day of relaxation or jetting off on your honeymoon after your wedding then you will need to get someone to pick up your stuff on your behalf – they then have the problem of storing it until you have decided on what you are going to do with it.

Professional centrepieces

Often the easiest way forward but can be costly.  The company you choose should deliver, set up and collect on your behalf.  This means that they should also have public liability insurance in case something goes wrong.

Choosing your wedding centrepiece supplier

Many work from home, they will vist you either in your home or at your venue and show you a selection of what is on offer.  You choose it; agree a price and they will deliver it on the day.

Other companies have premises where you can visit, see the entire selection and then work with them to create your individual table decoration.  This should be your preferred route whenever possible.

  • They will have more stock
  • You will have a greater choice – you may go in thinking that you want one thing and come out with something completely different
  • They will often be more experienced
  • You can see what you are buying before your big day
  • They will often let you customise your items
  • They will help you find the decoration that you are looking for and if you don’t you can just walk away
  • Hoe sellers tend to work on pressure – sometimes it is tough getting rid of them
  • Do they have a good website?
  • Does the website have testimonials so you can see what other customers think?
  • Does the website have prices?
  • Are they on Facebook – is it kept up to date?
  • Are they local?
  • Can you visit them?
  • Do they have a local phone number or just a mobile number?

Things to consider

Once you have chosen you should insist on an itemised quotation so that you clearly understand what you are paying for.  They should also provide you with clear payment options and their trading Terms and Conditions.  Read both carefully and if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Give them the full venue details including the contact details of venue wedding co-ordinator, insist that they call the venue to arrange the time for drop off and collection because on you r big day you will have better things to do!

Once it is all over always find the time to give them feedback and if you are happy tell them!  To see what our customers think about us visit our testimonial page.  To visit our workshop click here for details.

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