Summer wedding decoration

Dunkenhaigh Hotel and Spar, Backburn Road, Clayton le Moors, Blackburn

Occasionally we get asked to travel outside our area; Blackburn is about 30 minutes outside of Calderdale.  The wedding was for a lovely couple with lovely parents and so we agreed to do it.

Saturday morning started early with a trip to Holiday Inn, Tong to pick up Fridays wedding.  We got there and met the grooms mum – who it turned out we knew.  We got showered with compliments about our Martini Glasses and flower arrangements.  The bride came out to share her delight and so a good start to the day.

The  Satnav took us via the motorway which seemed to take forever.  A stop off at the services for coffee was much needed and we arrived at the venue in plenty of time.  Wedding guests were everywhere – it was a big hotel and a quick chat with reception indicated that we were 3rd wedding that day!  So we got parked up, unpacked the van using the route which avoided getting in the way of the wedding guests and set up the venue.

It was a truly beautiful day, the venue had the air-conditioning on full pelt and the room was flipping freezing!   It seems to be an on-going problem with hotels – when you set them up they are either boiling or freezing, we set up in Cleckheaton the previous night and that too was freezing!

The couple chose to be a little different and had a back, purple and gold theme.  They made what some would consider risky choice of black chair covers – but they looked fabulous and we think it’s good to be different.

They added sparkle with Eifel towers with purple flowers, crystals, purple ribbons and LED’s.  The also decided upon gold crystal trees which did a stunning job of linking the wedding with the room.  We added swags to the top and cake table and everyone agreed that the room looked fabulous.

Summer wedding are great particularly those lucky enough to have summer weddings when the weather is glorious.  We provided a selection of giant games to amuse their guests in the garden and spend much time chasing away the children from the other weddings who kept creeping up commando style and knocking everything over.

We set up in under 2 hours and were back on the road.  Ignored the satnav coming home and took the scenic route stopping in a country pub for a late lunch.

The Sparkle team were in good spirits – it all went smoothly and looked lovely.  It gives you a real sense of pride to see the job through to the end.

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