DIY weddings

When hiring wedding decorations you often have two options, do it your self or hire someone to do it for you.

If you are looking for a DIY wedding then the plan often goes something like this –

buy the stuff, decorate the venue, sell it all on eBay.

Sound like a great plan.  Except when you take a look at eBay you see that 100’s if not 1000’s of brides and grooms have had the same idea and eBay is awash with used wedding decorations. If you are lucky you will sell them but you are highly unlikely to get back anything like what you paid for them.

Wedding Sparkle offer a 3rd option.  Choose your wedding table decoration or chair covers from the huge selection they have on their website.  Place your order, pay and pick it all up from their Brighouse premises, Get your friends and family to help set up your venue and get the best man or the new in-laws to deliver it all back to their Brighouse wedding shop the following week.

You get the same top quality chair covers and wedding decorations as those wanting a full hire service but you save loads.  They call it Collect and Save and on Wedding chair cover hire in Yorkshire alone you can save over 50%.

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